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LOBMaster for DB2®

LOBMaster for DB2

Simplified LOB management for DB2

The modern organization is now critically dependent on the integrity of a rapidly expanding volume and diversity of data. DB2 Large Objects (LOBs) and unstructured data have become an integral part of DB2 and a growing concern to DBAs who must manage the massive amounts of datasets, indexes, and new data. DB2 LOBs are another challenge of DB2 Data Management in the digital age.

Reorganizing LOBs can take much longer than reorganizing traditional DB2 data, and so does loading and unloading LOB data to and from DB2. True management of LOBs requires constant execution of four different utilities: CHECK DATA, CHECK INDEX, CHECK LOB and REORG – in the correct order.

BMC LOBMaster simplifies data management for DB2 by consolidating all of the required processes into a single, high-speed solution.

  • A single utility that checks the integrity of all LOB objects, while processing for REORG , UNLOAD and LOAD to simplify LOB processes.
  • Corrects any errors with LOBs (that are correctable) and reports on all errors to keep your environment online.
  • Minimizes resource usage, because an external SORT and FLASHCOPY are never required.
  • Reduces utility times and resources through techniques specifically designed for the size and structure of DB2 LOBs.
  • Deployment of new applications with LOBs is facilitated through a simplified maintenance process.

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LOB validation and maintenance for DB2

Simplifying data management for LOBs in DB2 involves proactively validating LOBs as part of routine maintenance. LOBMaster eliminates the need to run multiple utilities that potentially bring an object offline. BMC LOBMaster for DB2 will perform all of the required LOB maintenance, while leaving all objects online for application processing without requiring SORT calls.

Validate your LOBs

LOBs are validated during REORG, LOAD, and UNLOAD processes, eliminating the need to ever run CHECK INDEX, CHECK LOB, and CHECK DATA.

Exploit your infrastructure

Adaptive parallel processing techniques reduce elapsed times and can spread work across a sysplex environment.

Keep your LOBs online

Applications maintain full access to the LOB data while reorganizing and unloading data.

Find out what you have

Powerful reporting capabilities show you the size of the LOBs you have and whether they can be brought inline.

Get a handle on unstructured data

By fully managing LOBs while your utilities are running, LOBMaster manages LOBs as a part of your routine maintenance process and are corrected in flight.

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Simplify unstructured data management

  • A single command replaces four native stand-alone utilities and performs all LOB validation while processing the utility to maintain data integrity
  • Consolidate all the required steps into a single command to validate, maintain and correct LOB data
  • Designed for the complexity of LOBs so your unstructured data is processed efficiently while online