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Maitland reduces batch incident rates by 80% for its fund services

  • 80% fewer batch incidents

    80% fewer

    batch incidents

  • increased efficiency


    efficiency and innovation

  • self-service client management


    client engagement

Business Challenge

Maitland Group provides cross-border legal, tax, and fiduciary services to private and corporate clients worldwide. Its fund services rely on batch processing to keep real-time data from internal and industry data sources flowing across disparate applications and operating platforms. These large, complex, and highly dependent batch jobs were increasingly difficult to manage, leading to failures, delays, and a batch incident rate of nearly 80 percent.

BMC Solution

Maitland uses Control-M to power workload automation for its fund services batch environment. The solution enables the staff to fully automate batch processes across disparate operating platforms and across both off-the-shelf and internally developed applications. Self-service and mobile capabilities increase the flexibility and productivity of business users and IT staff.

Business Impact

With Control-M, Maitland has overcome its batch processing challenges to maintain high reliability for the fund services its customers depend on.

  • A unified interface simplifies batch processing, management, and monitoring across interdependent investor and asset services applications, including those developed in-house.
  • Visibility into process dependencies and immediate escalation for failures and delays help staff ensure the timely, reliable completion of critical batch jobs. The batch incident rate has dropped from 80% to 16%—an 80% reduction.
  • Improved efficiency makes it possible to reduce overnight batch process management staffing from three staff members to a single operator, freeing the other two for innovation and optimization.
  • Event automation triggers job execution as soon as a preceding dependent job completes, reducing overall processing time to make reports available for Maitland business users more quickly.
  • Self-service gives business people a window into the batch schedule to help them engage effectively with clients in any time zone.

“We harness world-leading systems to provide our clients with an extraordinary service. Control-M allows us to integrate and unify all these systems where no natural integration existed.”

— Tasliem Williams, Senior Manager of System Administration, Maitland Group

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Control-M Solution Overview